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Industrial Shredders

Identity theft has brought great tensions to the corporate world causing many companieslosses each year. Everyone is scared of their personal information not leaked out tosome strangers. Not only offices but individuals at home should also purchase onefor safety.

Mike Rossander

The comment above is absolutely right about the need to protect not only electronic information but also the physical copies of our customers' confidential information.

The Federal Trade Commission has gone so far as to make shredding a de facto requirement for many kinds of documents. (They don't explicitly require shredding but the alternatives like burning have some real safety hazards - shredding is pretty clearly the most cost-effective way to comply with their reg.)

Other tips we've already published on this topic include:
Home Shredders, Shredding is a Federal requirement and CVS sued over improperly destroyed records. You can find them in the archives of the blog.

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