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Account Deleted

Within last 4-5 years as the internet has grown at a phenomenal rate, and more and more banking and business transactions are being done on it, the ID thieves are also proliferating at an alarming pace. They have a knack to stay one step ahead of cyber security experts. Something should seriously be done about it. Maybe bring out an Insurance to cover specifically the Cyber Theft.

John Brady

Yes Ruby -- Cyber Security has the flavor of terrorism defense. The good guys have to get it right all the time and the bad guys have so many ways to exploit weaknesses old and new.

Westfield Group doesn't sell ID theft protection per se (although we help our agents assess risks in the IT infrastructure of their customers when asked). A cursory survey shows many firms selling ID Theft Protection.

I would start at the Federal Trade Commission site ( to research organizations selling such products and services. Some of the products and companies selling the protection are probably of dubious value -- offering to sell you things that are already available free such as an annual credit report from the major credit reporting agencies.

Companies you already have relationships are the safest place to start -- banks and credit card companies often have ID theft products which come with insurance-like features such as guaranteed maximum loss per incident, etc.

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