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Tracey Krska, The O'Neill Group, Wadsworth, OH

My cell is android-based, and I have encountered literally zero negative issues in the eighteen months I've used it. Google has a proven record, and I was thrilled with the option of something other than an iPhone. Several months ago, my daughter stopped over with her iPhone saying it now supports multiple apps at once. I obviously burst her bubble when I said my Droid had that capability from the time I got it. So far ... it's a very good product.

I have downloaded probably 30-50 apps from the Android Marketplace--it's an easy way to search and browse. Thus, I've had no reason for rooting the system.

Twice I've refused installation of a low-level app when it asked for access to high level systems or something like GPS as you mentioned. Of the apps I have installed, only maybe five have I had to pay for.

Thanks for the opportunity to share!

John Brady

Tracey, I'm glad you're having a positive experience with your Android-based phone. Most users do not feel the need to root these phones since Android is a very free and open platform to start out with. Usually rooting is "caused" by users that can't accept undeletable carrier applications or what the consider onerous restrictions.

You're ahead of the game staying alert to those apps that seem to ask for too many permissions! That is likely to keep your identifying information safe and in your control.

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